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Furago is a language learning web service provided by Gaigo. Before using Furago, please read the site's Terms of Use. This is an important promise between you and Gaigo, and we want it to be clear and concise, so please read it carefully.

(1) Requirements for creating an account: A valid e-mail address is required to create an account on the Furago site.

(2) When registering your user name, please note the following You may not use another person's name, brand name, or any offensive, vulgar, or obscene language.

(3) Only one person may log in. Please note that you may not share your login with other users.

(4) Gaigo offers the opportunity to create a free account on Furago. Free accounts are limited, but allow you to experience some of the exercises. However, Gaigo reserves the right to modify or change the restrictions on free access without notice.

(5) Furago stocks data related to learning, such as users' learning outcomes, review questions, and progress. In the interest of ecological considerations and to conserve server space, Furago reserves the right to delete some data from free accounts that have not been used for more than three months. An unused account is one that has not started any new exercises or review questions. Therefore, to keep your account active, you should complete at least one exercise every three months. However, Premium (paid) users do not have that restriction.

(6) Gaigo offers a premium (paid) account that removes the restrictions imposed on free accounts.

(7) Payment for premium (paid) accounts is made via Stripe, a popular payment solution. Therefore, Gaigo does not stock any data related to member payments; once the premium (paid) access amount is paid on the Stripe site and payment is confirmed by Stripe, Furago will begin the process for premium (paid) status. Your subscription renews automatically. Remember to unsubscribe if you no longer wish to be a premium member.

(8) Once accepted, the Premium (fee-based) payment will not be refunded. We recommend that you first sign up for a free account to experience Furago and become familiar with our educational methods before applying for Premium (paid) status.

(9) As a Furago user, you promise not to infringe on the rights of the site or interfere with its operation.

(10) Gaigo reserves the right to suspend your account without prior notice.

(11) Gaigo provides the Furago service and disclaims all liability in the event of service malfunctions or temporary interruptions.

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