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Furago, the French Exercise Book
Step-by-step exercises covering listening and reading


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The distribution of activities into ten levels allows for practicing at the right level, even for those who are not complete beginners. Completing a level is also a good goal that can be achieved in a few weeks. In addition to providing a clear structure, the distribution of activities into 10 levels smooths out difficulties and ultimately allows you to climb the mountain.

Efficient System

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Learning what interests you and not forgetting is the goal of the learning system in place on Furago. Exercises that pose challenges will reappear later for you to review at your own pace. Learning is guided to ensure you don't skip steps and to make sure you gradually assimilate through programmed repetition.

Progress Path

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You set your goals. Do you prefer to do activities in grammar, reading comprehension, listening, or vocabulary? Or perhaps a bit of everything? Once your goals are set, the algorithm prepares a list of activities to do. Just do that, nothing more.


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Visualizing your progress and commitment over time is crucial for successful French language learning. The dashboard allows you to easily understand your goals, your progress, and your consistency. You'll also receive reminders for your ongoing goals and activities to review.


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The goals you set provide the necessary linguistic foundation to access topics that interest you. These goals come in six different types: phonetics, grammar, verb conjugation, listening comprehension, vocabulary and reading comprehension. The topics covered in these activities are simple and academic. It's your exercise book.


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Activities related to videos address more specific topics such as current events, music, cinema, cooking, history, and more. This is, let's say, the most interesting and entertaining part, where you'll find topics that align with your passions in life. The exercises are simple and relatively quick to complete. It's fun!


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