How does Furago work?

First do the exercises in discovery mode. Choose what interests you or follow the recommendations.

The exercises you have problems with will be added to your revision list. It is up to you to manage your revision list. Keep the exercises you find difficult and eliminate the ones you can do without effort.

What do you want to do on Furago?


The exercises on the site are on 10 levels. Level 1 is the easiest and level 10 is the most difficult.

furago mode découverte

Exercises that you have already done come back to help you progress regularly.

furago mode révision

3500 words and phrases are divided into vocabulary lists sorted by topic. This is the place where you can discover vocabulary.

furago vocabulaire français

Flashcards offer you to memorize vocabulary by translating short sentences. Flashcards are the way to memorize vocabulary in the long run.

furago flashcards de vocabulaire français