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Niveau 1
translate Yes, it is possible. oui
translate No, this is not possible. non
translate Jack is English. anglais
translate Are you French? français
translate Are you Japanese? japonais
translate It's OK! c'est
Niveau 2
translate Hi, I'm Leo. je
translate Hi, are you Leo? tu
translate Hello Leo. bonjour
translate He is not French. il
translate She is French. elle
translate Are you Japanese? est-ce que
Niveau 3
translate Leo is a student. un étudiant
translate It is a blue train. un train
translate He is an English student. un
translate There are two Japanese. deux
translate There are three Frenchmen. trois
translate She has a job. un travail
translate Which train is it? quel
Niveau 4
translate Is it American? américain
translate I live in Paris. Paris
translate Do you live in Lyon? Lyon
translate She lives in Tokyo. Tokyo
translate Does he live in New York? New York
translate He lives in Berlin. Berlin
translate I am French, and you? toi
translate Him? He is not English, he is French. lui
translate Me? I'm not French, I'm Spanish. moi
translate He does not live in Paris. pas
Niveau 5
translate What is your profession? une profession
translate Is he a doctor? un médecin
translate I am an employee and I live in Paris. un employé
translate He is German and he is an engineer. un ingénieur
translate Are you a salesman? un vendeur
translate Are you a waiter? un serveur
translate Are you a cook? un cuisinier
translate Are you a teacher? un professeur
translate Are you a student? vous
translate Sorry, are you Paul? pardon
Niveau 6
translate I am hungry. faim
translate I eat chocolate. manger
translate I eat bread. du pain
translate Do you eat beef? du bœuf
translate I am thirsty. soif
translate I drink soda. boire
translate I drink water. de l'eau
translate Do you drink coffee? du café
translate Is this your coffee? votre
translate Water please. s'il vous plaît
translate There is coffee. il y a
Niveau 7
translate I take the train. prendre
translate Are you taking your car? une voiture
translate I ride my bike to work. un vélo
translate I live next to the metro. un métro
translate There are four white trains. quatre
translate There are five blue bikes. cinq
translate There are six cars. six
translate This is my coffee. mon
translate Is this your bike? ton
translate He is three years old. un an
Niveau 8
translate It is an international hotel. un hôtel
translate Is the bedroom large? une chambre
translate Do you have the room keys? une clé
translate Breakfast is at six o'clock? un petit déjeuner
translate This is a new restaurant. un restaurant
translate It is a small restaurant: there are six tables. une table
translate The bill, please! une addition
translate A coffee, please! un café
Niveau 9
translate I have a week of vacation in September. des vacances
translate I like to go to restaurants, do you? aimer
translate I don't like television. la télévision
translate Does he like movies? le cinéma
translate She loves music. la musique
translate He doesn't like sports. le sport
translate Do you like to travel? les voyages
Niveau 10
translate She has a blue bike. bleu
translate Does she have a white bike? blanc
translate The French flag is blue, white and red. rouge
translate Paul's car is green. vert
translate Is your car orange? orange
translate My car is not yellow. jaune
translate My car is gray and black. noir
translate Omar's car is gray. gris
Niveau 11
translate There are seven French and five Spanish. sept
translate There are eight blue cars. huit
translate It is nine o'clock. neuf
translate It is five past ten. dix
translate What time is it? Eleven o'clock? onze
translate Monday, September 12th, I work. douze
translate I count to ten. jusque
Niveau 12
translate I'm going to Paris this weekend. le week-end
translate Today is Monday? aujourd'hui
translate Monday, I work. lundi
translate Do you work on Tuesday? mardi
translate She does not work on Wednesday. mercredi
translate Don't you work on Thursday? jeudi
translate She works on Friday, September 10. vendredi
translate Doesn't he work on Saturday? samedi
translate Today is Sunday, September 12th. dimanche
translate She works a lot. beaucoup
translate They do not work on Sundays. elles
Niveau 13
translate I have a phone. un téléphone
translate Do you have a computer? un ordinateur
translate I don't have a pen. un stylo
translate There is a wallet here. un portefeuille
translate He has a Swiss watch. une montre
translate She has a fancy bag. un sac
translate I have a credit card. une carte de crédit
translate He always has his phone in his pocket. toujours
Niveau 14
translate Do you have an animal? un animal
translate Yes, I have animals. des animaux
translate I have a black dog. un chien
translate I don't have a dog but I have two cats. un chat
translate Does he have a green bird? un oiseau
translate She has three white rabbits. un lapin
translate Is this his dog? son
translate The dog sleeps next to the cat. à côté
Niveau 15
translate I like tennis very much. le tennis
translate Do you like classical music? la musique classique
translate What do you do for sport? comme
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